A luxurious location

Colònia de Sant Pere

The idyllic corner of the north of Mallorca where our wineries are located, next to the Mediterranean Sea and under the mountains of the Serra de Llevant, gives us a wonderful setting. But not only that. The Llevant Natural Park, which borders our vineyards, further protects the beauty of this area of Mallorca, where mass tourism is conspicuously absent and caring for nature and native species is a priority. Some of the protected species, such as the turtle, give our wines their names. A privilege that allows us to enjoy this unique landscape, from anywhere in the winery.

Because of all this, we can say about our winery and our vineyards in Mallorca are foremost luxurious. A concept of luxury associated with nature, tranquility, silence, detail, the careful and artisanal process and, above all, the pleasure of being able to enjoy an environment where you can still breathe peace. Here the Conde de Suyrot winery goes almost unnoticed, as if it were a treasure which is perfectly integrated into the natural landscape. Idyllic, privileged, and unique .

A vineyard setting perfect for weddings or events

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It is easy to find many fincas for weddings or events in Mallorca, and even many wineries. But if you are looking for a farm with vineyards, in a natural environment, near the sea and with beautiful views, the options are limited. Our winery is one of those few.

In this idyllic setting, your wedding or any event you want to celebrate, will be unique and unforgettable. We invite you to visit us and discover it. Have a look at our presentation video and you will be transported here and imagine what your event among the vineyards might be like.

We know that choosing a winery for an event is complicated. But you have been lucky to find ours: original, quiet, and secluded from the world. Perfect for a special event.

Simply contact us without obligation and tell us your idea: what are you going to celebrate, your number of guests, what kind of atmosphere you like, what time of year … You can count on us to organise everything and to detail catering options, logistics or decoration. We will work together to make your event in this winery in Mallorca come true.

Tell us your idea

Sa Tortuga

Callet, Monastrell, Gorgollassa

8-12 months in 400 L. French oak barrels

Es Cap Roig

Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon

Es Mussol


8 months in 400 L French oak barrels.

Sa Llebre

Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon

12-18 months in 400 L French oak barrels.




Monastrell. Garnacha. Syrah

8 months partially in used French oak barrels