in an intimate setting

The ambiance of our winery is beautiful all year round be it sunny ,raining , hot or cold. And the vineyard is also beautiful throughout its seasons. The important thing is that at Conde de Suyrot, good wine and good times are served. Both the tasting room and the terraces of the winery are always ready to celebrate. If you are a lover of wine tourism and are looking for guided tours and wine tastings in Mallorca with experts, this is a must. If you simply want to enjoy a glass of wine and some tapas, your experience here will be delightfully memorable.


A la carte or personalised

Any moment or excuse is good for a celebration in a vineyard setting. The vineyard might be more or less green, golden or dormant. The weather might be more or less hot, humid or cool. But in this small oasis in Mallorca, you will always feel secluded from the world.

You are welcome to arrive unannounced, during opening hours, to visit our shop and tasting room and have a glass of wine with us. If you or your group would like a guided tour or to include a plate of charcuterie with your tasting, please be sure to make reservation.

Below you can see our menu of services and tastings. We are also at your disposal to personalise your visit as best as we can or help organise any type of event or private celebration. We can host groups, corporate meetings, presentations and other company events. If you are thinking of a good gift, a wine tasting never fails.


No two wine tastings are the same

The seasons change, the colours of the vines vary, the wine continues its process … Your visit may coincide with the harvest, with the maintenance of the vineyards, with the sealing of the bottles or with labours in the land. And that makes each visit and each wine tasting in this part of Mallorca unique. But yes: they all share the magic of a place that enchants, and the pleasure of wines to become enamoured with.

It’s easy for us to keep talking about our winery, the quality of the terroir and the unique vineyards located between the sea and the mountains. The character of each of our artisanal wines, awarded and recognised for their excellence. But we prefer to tell you in person, glass in hand, and inin a intimate setting.

We are waiting your visit!

Salon de catas de vinos en el interior de la bodega mallorquina Conde de Suyrot
Cata de vinos en los exteriores de la bodega de mallorca conde de suyrot


Our Wines

Moscatel 2021

Dry, young and perky with citrus flavours, honeysuckle, white roses and a long, succulent finish.
€17 bottle, €5 glass

Es Cap Roig 2021

Juicy, dry and refreshing while rich and complex with red berry flavours, hints of white tea and fig leaf. Early manual harvest, three weeks in stainless steel fermentation and 6 months on the lees.
€17 bottle, €5 glass

Sa Llebre 2018

50% Mantonegro 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. Aged 14 months on French Oak. Spicy aromatics, silky mouthfeel, black fruit compotes and earthy flavours with a terracotta minerality.
€19 bottle, €6 glass

Es mussol 2020

100% MalvasĂ­a (Mallorca). Nine months on French oak barrels. Full bodied, silky, complex spice aromas, rich floral and fruit flavours.
€24 bottle, €7 glass

Sa Tortuga 2018

Gorgollassa, Callet, Monestrell. Aged 12 months on French Oak, partial carbonic maceration fermentation. Rich, smooth and balanced, aromas and flavours of wild cherries, red currents, with subtle hints of violets and rosemary.
€19 bottle, €6 glass

Visits and Tastings

Wine tasting

Experience a small tasting of 3-6 wines (depending on availability), with local crackers, olives, and water.

Wine tasting & Charcuterie plate

Our charcuterie plate is an array of flavours and textures including local cheeses and meats for you to further your experience with our wines. *


Guided Tour, Wine tasting & Charcuterie plate

With a guided tour you will learn about the history of the bodega and gain a deeper understanding of how our grapes are nurtured to one day become the exquisite liquid we are proud to produce, bottle, label and serve: Conde De Suyrot wines. **


*Vegan and gluten-free options available upon request. Please let use know in advance.

**Guided tours may only be available once or twice a day and should be a minimum of 6 people.




Sparkling Water


Fanta or Juice


Book your wine tasting now and discover our wines!


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or specific requests

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Callet, Monastrell, Gorgollassa

8-12 months in 400 L. French oak barrels


Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon



8 months in 400 L French oak barrels.


Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon

12-18 months in 400 L French oak barrels.




Monastrell. Garnacha. Syrah

8 months partially in used French oak barrels