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A place to keep up to date with what is happening at our winery and where you can find out about tastings, events and relevant news about wine and everything that surrounds it.
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The wine and the sea

Majorcan varieties bathed by the sea breeze. There are many and diverse factors that determine the nuances of wine. The hand of the winemaker is undoubtedly important, but the climate, the particularities of the environment and the terrain also give the grape and the wine its own characteristics. We invite you to discover those of our wines.

Man holding bottle of red wine from mallorca

Wines with animal names?

We present the history of the animals that feature in the names and the image of four of our wines. The first wines produced in this winery represent species of animals from the natural environment. Specifically, four animals that represent the earth, the air, and the sea: the tortoise, the hare, the owl and the rockfish. Why did we choose these? We will tell you.