Your grand little winery

Majorcan heart, French soul and Danish nuances

The spirit of the Conde de Suyrot winery is international but at the same time it is an authentically Majorcan winery and perfectly integrated into its surroundings: one of the most beautiful corners of the island. The history of our winery, which is now turning 15 years old, began the day Count Fabrice de Suyrot, with a successful winemaking career in Bordeaux, fell in love with Mallorca. Specifically from lands that already knew the winemaking tradition in this corner of the north of the island. His passion prompted him to establish his winery there and make excellent wines. With a strong passion for the local terroir and careful winemaking, Fabrice managed to carve an important niche in the market that this Majorcan winery continues to produce in a completely artisanal way.
Majorcan variety grapes harvested in boxes outside the winery
Bottle of wine from Majorca Conde de Suyrot sealed with sealing wax
Count of Suyrot scoring on French oak wine barrels

New phase, new wines

and new online store

In 2021, the winery began a new phase under the guidance of Søren Rump. An enthusiast of wine and Mallorca who was also enchanted by the magic of Colònia de Sant Pere, embraced the charms of this small winery and, of course, the special Majorcan wines that he already knew: Es Mussol, Sa Tortuga, Sa Llebre and Es Cap Roig. With him, the winery receives a new pulse and a new era begins in which we have added new faces, enthusiasm, and novelties while maintaining the essence and rustic charm of the winery. Now this small winery is a little more international but very Majorcan at the same time. The relaxed and cheerful attitude of the Danes towards life is a very “Majorcan” trait. And the open mind too. This is also why we wanted to incorporate our online store: so that Majorcan wine can travel very far. Now you can choose between two options: Visit our wineries in Mallorca and have a glass of wine with us, or receive and taste our wine at home. If you choose to visit us, you can enjoy our terraces with views of the vineyards, the sea, and the sunset or hold a meeting in the interior space, recently renovated to receive you at any time of the year. A tasting room where you can organise events or celebration, as long as it is around a glass of wine. If you choose to have your wine at home, do not hesitate to enter our online store. There are no borders or distances for you to enjoy Mallorca wine (almost) anywhere.

Sa Tortuga

Callet, Monastrell, Gorgollassa

8-12 months in 400 L. French oak barrels

Es Cap Roig

Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon

Es Mussol


8 months in 400 L French oak barrels.

Sa Llebre

Manto negro, Cabernet sauvignon

12-18 months in 400 L French oak barrels.




Monastrell. Garnacha. Syrah

8 months partially in used French oak barrels