Majorcan varieties bathed by the sea breeze.

There are many and diverse factors that determine the nuances of wine. The hand of the winemaker is undoubtedly important, but the climate, the particularities of the environment and the terrain also give the grape and the wine its own characteristics. We invite you to discover those of our wines.

The grape varieties that we harvest are almost all indigenous to the Balearic Islands.

But even the two that are not (Monastrell and Cabernet Sauvignon) are varieties that are very well adapted to the land here. We use Callet, Monastrell and Gorgollassa to make “Sa Tortuga”. The varietals Manto Negro and Cabernet Sauvignon  are used to make “Sa Llebre” and “Es Cap Roig”. Moscatel for the wine that bears its own name and Malvasía for one of our most valued wines: “Es Mussol”. This last variety, Malvasía, gives us a great dry white wine of golden colour with a big aroma. It is a peculiar variety that is typically grown near the sea where the humid Mediterranean microclimate and the island airs suit it especially well. For this reason, the best-known wines of this variety are made on islands such as Sicily, Lanzarote or Madeira, as well as Mallorca.

Our Majorcan vineyards, therefore, are influenced by their proximity to the sea. And not only because of the sea breeze and its salinity: did you know that the reflection of light off the sea increases the light from the sun? It is a factor that helps compensate for the strength of the Tramuntana wind – (that can reach 100 km per hour) that the vines must endure. As intense as the wind is, it nevertheless contributes to a natural control of pests and pirates the vines during the hot and humid days of the summer months

And what does all this mean? High-quality wines with their own distinct character that we invite you to discover. Here, we wait for you to toast and to celebrate. When you taste our Majorcan wine, you will no longer be able to stop imagining its origins and the subtleties inherited from this wonderful environment (and you may even notice that spot of salinity).

Fabrice de Suyrot
Fabrice de Suyrot
Winemaker of "Bodegas Conde de Suyrot". He is French and founded this winery of Mallorca after a long career as an oenologist in Bordeaux vineyards.
Man holding bottle of red wine from mallorca
Wines with animal names?

We present the history of the animals that feature in the names and the image of four of our wines. The first wines produced in this winery represent species of animals from the natural environment. Specifically, four animals that represent the earth, the air, and the sea: the tortoise, the hare, the owl and the rockfish. Why did we choose these? We will tell you.

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