We present the history of the animals that feature in the names and the image of four of our wines.

The first wines produced in this winery represent species of animals from the natural environment. Specifically, four animals that represent the earth, the air, and the sea: the tortoise, the hare, the owl and the rockfish. Why did we choose these? We will tell you.

Cuando el Conde Fabrice de Suyrot sembró los primeros viñedos, encontró unas preciosas tortugas Mediterráneas que fueron llevadas al Parque Natural de Llevant (seguro que todavía pasean por ese pWhen Count Fabrice de Suyrot planted the first vineyards, he found some beautiful Mediterranean tortoises that were then brought to the Llevant Natural Park (they are surely still roaming that neighbouring paradise today). As a tribute to this protected species, he decided to name the first wine that he made, in Majorcan, Sa Tortuga. In addition, it is a wine that deserves to be sipped slowly to appreciate each of its nuances.

After christening the first wine with a name of an animal species related to the environment, it was decided to follow the same criteria for the following ones. And so “Sa Llebre”  was born. The presence of wild hares in these lands undoubtedly deserved a wine with which to raise a glass. Especially when we manage to keep them away from these vineyards that they like so much …

La especie que inspiró y da nombre a a un vino aromático blanco se inspiró en la oscuridad. Y es que es The species that gives name to an aromatic white wine, was inspired by darkness. And it is an animal that gives us its warbles every night, breaking the silence that reignsover these vineyards with a very particular sound. This species is the owl, called mussol in the local language.

Finalmente, para el vino rosado tan fresco se eligió una especie vinculada al mar. Es Cap Roig fue sin Finally, for the very fresh rosé wine, a species linked to the sea was chosen. Es Cap Roig (rockfish) was undoubtedly a success. Just as this fish has an elegant orangish color, and is known for being a fish with a lot of personality, so is this wine.

Now you will surely not forget the history behind the label of each of our first four Majorcan wines.

Fabrice de Suyrot
Fabrice de Suyrot
Winemaker of "Bodegas Conde de Suyrot". He is French and founded this winery of Mallorca after a long career as an oenologist in Bordeaux vineyards.
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The wine and the sea

Majorcan varieties bathed by the sea breeze. There are many and diverse factors that determine the nuances of wine. The hand of the winemaker is undoubtedly important, but the climate, the particularities of the environment and the terrain also give the grape and the wine its own characteristics. We invite you to discover those of our wines.

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